Games Queen and Junior Chieftain

queen attendant and junior

Games Queen & Attendants with Junior Chieftain

Each year local school pupils are chosen to participate in Dundonald Highland Games. The Queen and Attendants are dressed in gowns and paraded through the village in horse drawn landau. The parade includes pipe bands and is led by the Junior Chieftain.

Queen Information Sheet 2018

Queen Nomination Form 2018

Junior Chieftain Information Sheet 2018

Junior Chieftain Nomination Form 2018



Past Games Queens

Games Queens

[img src=]37801990 Kirsty McLeish
[img src=]28801991 Lynsey Morton
[img src=]25801992 Katy Hall
[img src=]26901993 Stephanie Wolohan
[img src=]23101994 Emma Pell
[img src=]23801995 Fiona McKinlay
[img src=]22701996 Debbie Wright
[img src=]22101997 Lauran Kelly
[img src=]22501998 Cheryl McDade
[img src=]22301999 Debbie MacGee
[img src=]22702000 Joanne MacIntosh
[img src=]22102001 Stacey Irvine
[img src=]22002002 Laura Stevenson
[img src=]24002003 Karen Smith
[img src=]24102004 Nicole Smith
[img src=]24302005 Emma McIntosh
[img src=]25902006 Nicole Malcolmson
[img src=]22702007 Kimberley Reid
[img src=]22702008 Holly Helton
[img src=]24902009 Katie Higginson
[img src=]28402010 Chloe McNally
[img src=]27002011 Chloe Campbell
[img src=]27702012 Bethany Stevens
[img src=]29702013 Emilie Criaud
[img src=]2002014 Chardonnay Grant-McChesney
[img src=]2202015 Erin Brown
[img src=]2702016 Rebecca McNeil
[img src=]3002017 Imogen Meldrum


Past Junior Chieftains